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SKU S-50221

Hussar Collectible Doll

$92.99 $40.00
Product specification details
SKU S-50221
Made by Poteshny Promysel (handmade)
Material cardboard, fabric, fur, porcelain
Height 11'' (28 cm)
The doll is completely handmade, with special care taken of every detail, including the 100% historically correct costume. The head is crafted of porcelain and painted by hand, while its base is also made of porcelain, giving it added stability. The doll is wearing a military uniform issued to members of the Russian light cavalry, called "Hussars," in the 19th century. A traditional hussar outfit consisted of a "kiver" (the headpiece) decorated with the "sultan" (delicate feathers) and a "kustas" (a thick golden chain). It also has a "Doloman" and a "Mentik" – the upper and lower parts of a jacket of the Hussar. The doll is produced as a limited edition, making it unique and truly one of a kind. It will be interesting to both children and adults.