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SKU J-62388

Imperial Russian Coat of Arms Glass Holder

Product specification details
SKU J-62388
Material brass, nickel
Height 4'' (10 cm)
Additional Information Drinking glass is not included
UPC 689860850996
Care & Use Hand-wash

The glass holder is made by stamping out of brass and covered with nickel and decorated with the image of Russian Federation Coat of Arms. The double-headed eagle as the State Emblem of Russia personifies the unity of the Russian history.

A glass holder is a kitchen utensil with a long and fascinating history. The modern-style glass holder appeared in Russian railway transport in 1889, and today it’s traditionally used in trains for comfortable tea drinking.

Over the years, glass holders got a new high status. You will be surprised by the variety of glass holder styles, engraving patterns, and different materials. Nowadays, glass holders bring an aesthetic touch to traditional tea ceremonies.

Modern decorative glass holders are made of cupronickel, brass, copper, and silver. Silver, gold, nickel are used as protective and decorative coatings.

Benefits of glass holders:

  • Glass holders will help you drink hot tea from glasses without burning your hands
  • Glass holders significantly increase the stability of glasses
  • Glass holders are used to remove the heat so that glasses will not crack while pouring the boiling water into them
  • Make excellent gifts for connoisseurs and admirers of Russian culture and history.

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