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SKU S-159916

Johann Strauss Music Box Statue

Product specification details
SKU S-159916
Made by Designed in the USA. Imported
Material cold cast bronze
Height 7 7/8" (20 cm)
Additional Information the mechanism is accompanied by a fragment from the waltz The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss
Johann Strauss Johann Strauss is the greatest Austrian composer. Having achieved world fame and his own orchestra at the age of 19, Johann toured his native Austria, and soon after – all of Europe. Johann Strauss is considered to be the founder of Viennese Waltz, and to his credit, the composer is accredited for 168 waltzes – admired by connoisseurs of classical music to this day. One of the waltzes of Strauss “The Blue Danube Waltz” is still considered to be the unofficial anthem of Austria. The figurine, embodying the image of the great composer, will be a wonderful gift for anyone who is touched by music and will be the perfect décor for a music cabinet, concert hall, or school.