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SKU J-104676

Khokhloma Bowl

Product specification details
SKU J-104676
Made by Khokhloma Painting
Material lacquer, linseed oil, oil paints, wood
Diameter 7.25'' (18.5 cm)
Height 3.5'' (8.5 cm)
Picture / color hand-painted
Additional Information Each item is unique - no two are exactly the same.
Collection Khokhloma Style
Loving their Motherland with all their hearts and always being proud of it, no matter what, the Russian people have not only glorified and celebrated the beauty of their country in songs and fairy tales, but also created beautiful household items, decorated with bright, festive ornaments that bring all the beauty of the Russian land to life! Many of these crafts have become true masterpieces and Khokhloma is always one of the top in this list!