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SKU J-49968

Kudrin Mug

Product specification details
SKU J-49968
Made by Khokhloma Painting
Material lacquer, linseed oil, tempera, wood
Capacity 15.2 fl oz (450 ml)
Diameter 4'' (10 cm)
Height 4.25'' (10.5 cm)
Picture / color hand-painted
Collection Khokhloma Style
Golden Khokhloma is an original Russian folk craft, famous for its painted wooden utensils. The craft was born in the late 17th century, taking its name from the large trading village of Khokhloma. Based on centuries of experience, masters of handicrafts have developed an unprecedented and hitherto unrivaled technique of gilding turned-work utensils without real gold. While the method has remained the same, the ornamental patterns and artistic subjects are constantly changing, making this an artistic form that is continually developing and improving. The Semenov Khokhloma Painting trademark guarantees the high quality of items. Products with this sign are certified and suitable for use in everyday life (all dishes are made from natural materials). You will find a spoon, basin, or cup with Khokhloma painting in virtually every Russian home. Khohloma dishes are always valuable gifts, helping celebrate holidays or simply decorate homes.