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SKU J-167662

Lilacs in Basket Diamond Painting

Product specification details
SKU J-167662
Set Contains rhinestones, printed adhesive magnetic canvas, tweezers, craft tray
Dimensions 11.8x15.7'' (30x40 cm)
Collection Lilac Collection

One of the first flowers to blossom in the spring are lilacs - their delicate hues and pleasant smell are irresistible! Bring the air and mood of spring to the décor  of your home with this stunning diamond painting. This entertaining painting technique is a wonderful way to pass the time alone or together with your loved ones - the delightful bouquet will be a treasured memory of a bonding moment.

  • Everything you need to get started comes with the kit: The adhesive canvas, colorful rhinestones, tweezers (or stylus), and a small tray to make your workflow more comfortable. Some patterns are full drill, meaning that the entirety of it will be covered in gems and others are partial or semi drill – when only specific fragments of the image are covered in rhinestones
  • Helps to relax: This kind of art brings relaxation, frees your creative spirit, set aside your worries, and allows to withdraw from daily stress in the world of bright colors and elegant forms. It also may help people to enhance the relationship between parents and kids, husband and wife, friends, if you assemble the painting with them, so you will have more fun together
  • Educational: It is a good choice for education, it will help kids to enhance their intelligence and get interested in art. The “diamonds” are not real, and are acrylic flat back rhinestones. Additionally, the pieces are quite small – if you wish to create one of these delicate paintings together with your child, do so under strict supervision. For independent work, we recommend ages 7 and up. Diamond Embroidery Painting is for you to create your own masterpiece, paint it together with your loved ones!
  • Home Decor: The shining crystal diamond painting is great for the home, office, hotel, restaurant and bar decoration. To preserve the painting we recommend framing your work under glass. Alternatively, you can use spray sealer, leveler resin, or clear vinyl to protect the rhinestone layer and adhesive. Keep your painting away from heat and direct sunlight. We recommend avoiding temperatures above 86°F (30°C)
  • Great Gift: The diamond embroidery is a perfect gift for parents, children, friends and colleagues. Diamond painting kits are exquisite to express good wishes and love to friends and families


  • Peel off a small portion of the protective film in the corner of your choice. It is not recommended to peel off the entire film at once, to prevent the adhesive layer from drying or gathering dust.
  • The painting is broken down into color patterns, each one labeled with a letter or number – and corresponding to a color of the rhinestones. The key, or palette, can be found printed on the side of the painting.
  • Begin working with one character, find its number on the palette and pour a small amount of corresponding rhinestones onto the tray. Do not mix rhinestones, as it is easy to confuse similar hues.
  • Using the tweezers or stylus apply the rhinestones and gently press onto the adhesive layer of the canvas. Take care to assemble them as close to one another as possible.
  • After filling one area of the painting, peel off more of the protective film and continue applying the rhinestones until the entire canvas is filled. Do not leave the adhesive layer exposed for an extended period of time.