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SKU S-160047

Lying Pointer Dog Cast Iron Sculpture

$249.99 $150.00
Product specification details
SKU S-160047
Made by Kasli Architectural and Artistic Casting Plant
Material carbon black, cast iron
Dimensions 3.7x8.5x3.9'' (9.5x21.5x10 cm)
Author V. Torokin

Experience first-hand the beauty and fine craftsmanship of this Pointer Dog sculpture created by award-winning Kasli Architectural and Artistic Casting Plant. With its playful temperament and affectionate look, the Pointer is always popular with adults and children. This is a dog which just loves having fun. Originating from Great Britain, this dog has a short coat and hazel eyes.

The pointer dog figurine makes a perfect gift for animal lovers and an ideal addition to home interior. Let this pointer be the keeper of the well-being and success of your family in the year of Dog.