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SKU B-102479

Moscow (with a Map)

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Product specification details
SKU B-102479
Place of Publication St. Petersburg
Publisher P-2
Year of Publication 2009
Number of Pages 136
Illustrations Yes
Cover Hardcover
Format Large
Language Russian
ISBN 978-5-93893-561-7
For centuries, Moscow has been a treasure house of carefully preserved national cultural traditions. All the Russian tsars and emperors were crowned here in Russia's main cathedral, the ancient Dormition Cathedral, and both Peter the Great and Catherine the Great came to Moscow to celebrate their military victories. In 1812 the city was a sacrifice on the altar of war, yet precipitated the inglorious demise of Napoleons great army. In May 1945 it greeted the victorious Russian troops coming back from Germany. Since then, Moscow has changed greatly! Visit today and you'll see all kinds of different sights. Still, there's something eternal and everlasting about it: history is alive there and we can't forget it. This illustrated art book contains 160 color pictures of Moscow and a map of the city center. In English.