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SKU G-204038

Big-eyed Bugs Bead Embroidery. Creative Kit

$4.99 $3.00
Product specification details
SKU G-204038
Made by Desyatoe Korolevstvo
Recommended age Ages 7 & Up
Dimensions 6.7 x 9 x 1" (17 х 22.9 х 2.5 cm)
Set Contains 5 colours of beads, 2 eyes, canvas, embroidery pattern

A child's room should be decorated with bright, joyful wall pieces which evoke positive emotions and stimulate the imagination. 

  • Helps to relax: This kind of art brings relaxation, frees your creative spirit, and allows to immerse yourself in the world of bright colors and elegant forms
  • Educational: It is a good choice for education, it will help kids to enhance their intelligence and get interested in art. Do It Yourself Kit. Excellent piece of art made by your own hands. It will help improve your hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as well as cognitive and co-ordination skills
  • Home Decor: The Big-eyed Bugs Bead Embroidery. Creative Kit is great for the home, living room or child's room. Frame or hang your completed work for all to see. Perfect colour match, vivid image
  • Great Gift: The Big-eyed Bugs Bead Embroidery. Creative Kit is a perfect gift for children and friends. Bead embroidery sets are exquisite to express good wishes and love to friends and families

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