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SKU S-218401

Norse God Odin

Product specification details
SKU S-218401
Material cold cast bronze
Size 15.5 cм x 11 cм x 25 cм (6.10" х 4.33" х 9.84")
Color may vary Shades and hues you see on the monitor may vary depending on your settings.

Odin is known as the Norse All-Father. Along with his horse, Sleipnir, he carries souls to the unseen realms. The Spear named Gar, when thrown would always return. Through ritual self-sacrifice, Odin discovered the Runes while hanging from the Yggdrasill, or World Tree. A patron of warriors, he was skilled in magic and a master of primal forces. Known as the One-Eyed God, Odin sacrificed his eye to gain wisdom from the fountain of Mimir. His most commonly noted familiars were wolves and ravens, the Germanic beasts of battle. This beautiful reproduction statue of Odin standing with his sword and spear, with wolves by his feet and a raven on his shoulder, is marvelously detailed, and is finished with metallic bronze paint to give it the look and shine of metal. Made of cold cast resin, it measures 9 3/4 inches tall, 6 1/2 inches wide and 4 1/4 inches deep. This statue looks great on desks, end tables, recessed wall shelves and bookshelves.