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SKU B-183820

Origami for Beginners (Grade level 3 and Up (ages 8 and up))

Product specification details
SKU B-183820
Author Palacios V.
Place of Publication New York, United States
Publisher Dover Publications Inc.
Year of Publication 1998
Number of Pages 80
Illustrations Yes
Cover Paperback
Format Medium
Language English
ISBN 9780486402840
Dimensions 6.5x9.5" (165 x 241 mm)
Anyone can become an origami artist with the help of this easy-to-follow guide book. Specially written for beginning paperfolders, it starts you off with the very easiest models and progresses to more complex ones. (A key, using asterisks, indicates at a glance the degree of each project's difficulty.) Fifty-seven models include such simple figures as two kinds of caps (one with a visor and one without), cubes, airplanes, a vase, a 4-pointed star, a stool, and a square box. While the book is geared toward novices, more experienced origamists will also find unusual projects to challenge their skills, among them Cinderella's slipper, a pair of gyroscopes, a 10-sided box, a 5-pointed star, a basket, and a vampire bat. A helpful list of symbols at the beginning of the book defines the various folding instructions. In addition, each model is illustrated by step-by-step diagrams with captions that take you through each step of the paperfolding process. Offering hours of personal enjoyment and satisfaction, Origami for Beginners will delight and inspire both newcomers to the art and intermediate-level paperfolders.