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SKU G-181309

Ortodon Module Sensory Game Mat


Ortodon Module Sensory Game Mat

Product specification details
SKU G-181309
Made by N/A
Material PVC
Set Contains Stones - 2 pieces
Thorns - 2 pieces
Grass - 2 pieces
Wave - 2 pieces
Additional Information Dimensions of each module: 9.8x9.8'' (25х25 cm)
Packaging gift box
  • 8 mats
  • 9.8 х 9.8'' each
  • Great for the whole family - from baby to grandparents!
  • Amazing for blood circulation in the feet

Sensory massage mats are a great thing to have at home! These mats are easy to store - they can be assembled into a puzzle of any size. For the best results specialists recommend combining various surfaces to create individual orthopedic mats! They stimulate the flow of blood in your feet and help you relax!

The set Ortodon Module Game Mat includes several kinds of surfaces:

  1. Grass - the surface of the module imitates the grass of the meadow. The semi-soft blades of grass stimulate the acupuncture points of the foot;
  2. Pebbles - the surface of the module looks like the soft pebbles of various sizes and acquires pleasant pressure to all of the receptors of the foot, which strengthens the immune system and improves the blood circulation;
  3. Thorns - is a moderately firm surface of the mat, which helps form a stable musculoskeletal system and good balancing skills;
  4. Wave - the surface of the mat is covered in thorns of various length, which allows to massage feet with different intensity. The mat represents two waves which repeats the shape of a healthy arch of the foot, and trains not only the foot but the ankle as well, not to mention how great such a relaxing massage feels on the feet!