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SKU S-54138

Our Lady of Chernigov Icon Decorative Egg

Product specification details
SKU S-54138
Made by Handmade
Material gold leaf, gouache, lacquer, wood
Dimensions without stand: 6'' (15 cm); with stand: 10'' (25.5 cm)
Hodegetria icons like the Our Lady of Chernihiv one are the most common image of the Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus. In ancient times, the Hodegetria was the most revered and celebrated icon, the main patroness and protector of the Byzantine Empire, and its emblem. Large crowds of pilgrims came to worship at these icons. In Russia during the 15th through 17th centuries, there were many stories of this icon's miracle working abilities. This high-quality, unique, Russian decorative egg is hand-painted in the traditional Russian icon style in accordance with Russian Orthodox canon law.