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SKU S-61022

Our Lady of Vladimir Old Russian Style Icon Egg (large)

Product specification details
SKU S-61022
Made by Handmade
Material gold leaf, gouache, lacquer, wood
Height without stand: 6'' (15 cm); with stand: 12'' (30 cm)
Picture / color hand-painted
Our Lady of Vladimir is one of the most sacred relics in all of Russia, whose land was saved time and time again by prayers said before this magical icon. You'll find this most holy of holies in the heart of Russia in Moscow's Assumption Cathedral, in the first row of icons to the left of the royal doors. The coronation of tsars and the selection of Russian Orthodox patriarchs have both taken place before it. In this incredibly touching and beautiful image, the Holy Mother is caressing her child, his face pressed against her cheek and one arm reaching around her neck. This reproduction wooden egg icon, hand-painted with tempera and finished with glossy oil lacquer, was made in accordance with Russian Orthodox canon law.