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SKU J-159974

Patriarshiye Ponds Embroidery Set

Product specification details
SKU J-159974
Made by Matrenin Posad
Set Contains canvas with printed pattern, mouline colored threads, color scheme
Dimensions 14.6x19.3'' (37х49 cm)
Additional Information 16 colors

Patriarshye Ponds one of the most wonderful places in Moscow - the very gem about which countless poems and songs are composed. The place here Woland met Berlioz. The place where Annushka spilled the oil. The same whimsical and charming place - perfect for afternoon strolls and daydreaming. The embroidery is done over a pre-printed pattern on the canvas, full drill, and is completed using cross stitches. Looks fantastic when paired with Solitude (159981).

Embroidery Kit Instructions:

  1. To prevent the edges of your fabric from crumbling, trim and finish the raw edges with a zig-zag stitch using your sewing machine or by hand. Alternatively you can secure the edges with tape.
  2. Determine where the center of your composition and of the fabric are, and begin working from there – the embroidery must be centered.
  3. Each square on the chart represents one square on the fabric.  The symbols on the chart correspond to the color and type of stitch.
  4. Complete all cross and half stitches before starting on the other stitches.
  5. Cross stitches and half stitches are embroidered using two threads. To cross stitch a row in one color, begin working with half stitches – for example left to right then go back over the row to create the X shape, right to left.
  6. Try to avoid knots. To secure your thread, run it through a few of the already existing stitches. Make sure that all cross stitches are facing the same direction.
  7. Wash your work by hand only, using mild soap or detergent. Dry flat. Iron the embroidery on a soft surface, like a towel, and iron the back of the fabric – not the front.
  8. The kits contain small and sharp objects. Suitable for ages 7 and up. Do not leave the kit unsupervised.
  9. ATTENTION: Not all kits contain thread. Please read the product description carefully. Hoops do not come with any of the sets. If you wish to use one, they can be purchased in specialty stores.