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SKU J-160020

Floral Pattern Birch Bark Eyeglass Case

Product specification details
SKU J-160020
Material birch bark
Length 6.7'' (17 cm)
Width 2'' (5 cm)
Height 2.8'' (7 cm)
Additional Information Eco-friendly material.

Looking for more durable and beautiful way to protect your eyeglasses? This eyeglass case is a specimen of the ancient Russian birch-bark art and craft. 

A wooden accessory is an ideal choice for those, who prefer natural and eco-friendly products.

Birch bark is the bark of birch trees. The birch bark can be harvested in the spring and autumn, when the sap runs. There are only a few days during these periods, when the bark peels off by itself. At this time, the bark is elastic and can be easily removed from the tree. If done mindfully, harvesting pieces of bark will not harm birch trees.

  • Design – Birch bark products has beautiful and stylish design.
  • Handmade – The talented craftsman demonstrated his skills of carving on this magical birch bark case. Birch bark items are of a peculiar beauty and have a high artistic value. Every item is slightly different since they are hand-crafted. Items may vary from piece to piece thus no two are alike making them special indeed.
  • Eco-friendly material – Birch bark is an environmentally friendly material. Products, which is made of birch bark, are safe and durable.
  • Useful properties – Birch bark is an effective antiseptic, natural absorbent. It has a powerful anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect. Birch bark ensures normal air exchange.
  • Care – Light hand wash or wipe it off with a moist cloth, do not soak in water.
  • This unique art work, stylish case for glasses is a practical and valuable gift!