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SKU J-225688

Pressure Cooker Pan Set

$159.99 $112.00
Product specification details
SKU J-225688
Made by Karaca
Material glass, stainless steel
Capacity Small: 4.2-qt. (4 L)
Large: 6.35-qt. (6 L)
Diameter Small: 8.66" (22 см)
Large: 8.66" (22 cm)
Picture / color pink
Additional Information Suitable for induction stoves
Color may vary Shades and hues you see on the monitor may vary depending on your settings.
Care & Use Dishwasher safe

The pressure cooker and pot are made of stainless steel. The lids are the same size, which allows to use them for both pots -  they can be used as both as a pressure cooker and as a pan. Thanks to its various cooking programs/functions, it asjusts the temperature for cooking vegetables, meat, fish or legumes. The cookware features fast heating and even heat distribution. 

Thanks to the sealed cover the pressure inside the pot increases, which causes the boiling point of the liquid to also rise. This leads to a significant reduction in the cooking time. For example, it takes 10 minutes to cook rice, buckwheat, potatoes. Food does not oxidize in the air under the influence of heat and retains the bright color of cooked vegetables.

High Quality – Stainless steel products are strong, durable, and non-corrosive. While using stainless steel you can be 100% sure that it will serve you for many years.

Hygienic and Environmentally Friendly – Stainless steel is recognized among the most suitable surfaces for cooking and processing food. High-quality stainless steel does not react with food, salts, hot oil, or acids. The material does not have pores or cracks, preventing the bacteria penetration, and is easy to clean.

Design – The lightweight and shiny stainless steel surface gives the products a modern and beautiful look.