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SKU B-183801

Peter Pan (Grade level 3 - 8 (ages 8 - 14))

Product specification details
SKU B-183801
Author Barrie J. M.
Place of Publication New York, United States
Publisher Dover Publications Inc.
Year of Publication 1999
Number of Pages 153
Illustrations Yes
Cover Paperback
Format Medium
Language English
ISBN 9780486407838
Dimensions 5.1x8.2" (131 x 209 mm)
Peter Pan -- a little boy who doesn't want to grow up -- has run off to Never-Never Land where he becomes the leader of a wild tribe of Lost Boys. This amazing fantasy land is also home to Tinker Bell the fairy, the Indian princess Tiger Lily, and a ragtag band of pirates led by Peter's longtime enemy, Captain Hook. Somewhere along the way, Peter manages to lose his shadow, and while searching for it, meets the Darling children -- who immediately become his friends. After a quick lesson in flying, they're all off to Never-Never Land and one thrilling adventure after another. Over the years, James M. Barrie's delightful tale, made even more familiar through Broadway plays, television, and motion pictures, has charmed generations of youngsters. This complete, unabridged edition promises to captivate countless new readers with its timeless appeal.