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SKU J-160104

Pike in the Bucket Caviar Serving Dish Blue&White Porcelain. Gzhel

$24.99 $20.00
Product specification details
SKU J-160104
Material porcelain
Diameter 3.1'' (8 cm)
Height 3.5'' (9 cm)
Picture / color Hand-painted
Additional Information Author's work. Each item is unique - no two are exactly the same
The gorgeous Caviar Serving Dish makes the perfect decoration of any table. Bright red or black caviar will look especially appetizing against the background of snow white porcelain. The dish features original shape, nice depth and a lid. The intricate blue-and-white pattern in true gzhel style adds festive atmosphere to a regular family dinner. The dish makes an unforgettable gift and a pleasant surprise to a colleague, family member and friend.