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SKU J-201453

Happy New Year! Juniper Wood Trivet 7.8"

Product specification details
SKU J-201453
Material juniper wood
Diameter 7.8" (20 cm)
Additional Information This nNatural product is unvarnished so it retains its subtle, inimitable juniper scent. It is polished with wood using an ancient technique that preserves the color for years.

Products made from juniper wood aren't just beautiful! They also contain enormous energy potential and healing properties. Juniper trees have been growing for over a thousand years, constantly accumulating strength and energy. The smell of juniper wood stimulates and restores mental equilibrium, prevents the spread of disease, cleans and freshens the air, clears the senses, and imparts internal strength. The aroma of juniper wood is spicy yet smooth. In ancient times, juniper wood was used to fumigate rooms during epidemics. This juniper trivet adds a refreshing touch to your table!

Quick Overview

• Protects the tabletop and countertop from hot dishes and pots
• Durable wood is perfect for daily use
• Has antibacterial properties
• Not coated with any kind of varnish, allowing for the aroma of wood to permeate throughout your kitchen
• Brings warmth of natural juniper wood
• Adds natural touch to your kitchen