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SKU J-200605

Cast Iron Grill Press

Product specification details
SKU J-200605
Made in Ukraine
Material cast iron
Dimensions Bottom thick 0.13'' (3.5 мм)
Sides thick- 0.13''(3 мм)
Width 8.8" (22.5 cm)
Height 8.8" (22.5 cm)

For ethnic cuisines or home spun favorites, this Cast Iron Grill Press offers a large cooking surface that reatians heat well, making short work of any dish. Compared with other types of cast iron cookware, no chemicals are leaked into the food. Cast iron cookware instead emits a small amount of iron into food, providing you with additional nutrients to help produce red blood cells and prevent anemia. Cast Iron Grill Press and pans naturally have a non-stick cooking surface, so you don't have to use a lot of oil. A cast-iron platter will become even more non-stick over time, as it absorbs the oils used to cook previous plates.

• Ideal for use on any type of cooktop, including induction
• Heavyweight cast iron transfers and retains heat evenly
• To preserve the properties of the cast iron cookware and to prevent the rust, hand wash the pan with hot or warm water using a soft sponge or a brush, and always wipe dry. 
• Bottom - 0.13'' (3.5 mm) thick, sides - 0.13'' (3.5 mm) thick