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SKU J-160419

Red Rooster Teacup w/ a Saucer

$99.99 $80.00
Product specification details
SKU J-160419
Made by Imperial Porcelain Factory
Material porcelain
Set Contains 1 teacup and 1 saucer
Capacity teacup - 8.5 fl oz (250 ml)
Diameter saucer - 5.7" (14.5 cm)
Author Shape - S. Yakovleva, Pattern -A. Vorobyovsky
Additional Information Shape: Spring
Collection Golden Rooster
The Imperial Porcelain Factory has been producing the "Red Rooster" tea sets for a very long time. A porcelain tea set, decorated with an image of the red rooster will become a wonderful gift to your loved ones. According to the Chinese legend, the symbol of a rooster will bring its owner great success in all the endeavors, since this bird with its sonorous voice symbolizes the beginning of a new day. • Pattern “Red Rooster” on “Spring” shape • Material: porcelain • Decoration: painting overglaze monochrome, gilding. Decals hand-decorated, gold hand-painted. • Author: The author of the painting is A.V. Vorobyovsky, National Artist of the Russian Federation • The author of the “Spring” shape is S.E. Yakovleva, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation • Aleksey Vorobyovsky (1906 - 1992) devoted his whole life to the porcelain factory, already during his lifetime becoming a recognized classic of the Soviet porcelain. The artist turned to the elegant motifs of Russian folk art. Reconsidering the elements of the traditional Russian ornaments, the master developed his own style: bright, colorful images with graphic precision. The teacup and saucer set “Red Rooster” - is one of the examples of this line in A.V. Vorobyovsky's works.