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SKU B-183812

Robin Hood: and His Adventures ( Grade level 3 - 7 (ages 8 - 12))

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SKU B-183812
Author Creswick P.
Place of Publication New York, United States
Publisher Dover Publications Inc.
Year of Publication 2018
Number of Pages 272
Cover Paperback
Format Medium
Language English
ISBN 9780486824291
Dimensions 5.5x8.5" (140 x 216 mm)
When young Robin Fitzooth sets out to visit his uncle the Squire, the path leads through the Forest of Nottingham. There in the woodlands he encounters a band of outlaws headed by Will o' th' Green, and the course of his life is forever changed. Robin wants to be the King's Forester, Ranger of Locksley, like his father, and the Squire offers to make him heir to the riches of Gamewell Hall. But the greed and jealousy of the Sheriff of Nottingham and the foul deeds of Prince John's evil minions combine to cheat Robin of his patrimony, driving him toward the fellowship of the greenwood, where bandits live a life of freedom. Generations of Creswick's young readers have thrilled to the daring adventures of Robin Hood and his circle, who steal only from the rich and give generously to the poor. Readers of all ages will savor these tales, which trace the champion archer's recruitment of his merry men, their clashes with the corrupt Sheriff, and their heroic exploits, from spirited jousting and other tests of skill and strength to suspenseful rescues of the oppressed and falsely accused. Teeming with memorable characters, excitement, and romance, this is a wonderful retelling of an enduring legend.