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SKU S-218399

Roman Chariot

Product specification details
SKU S-218399
Material cold cast bronze
Size 22 см х 15.74см х 30.26 см (8.7 x 6.2 x 11.9 inches)
Color may vary Shades and hues you see on the monitor may vary depending on your settings.
Collection Antique Painting

During the late Roman Empire, the Romans may have experimented with unusual ideas for a scythe chariot, which, due to its resemblance to cataphracts, was called the "lancer": a pair or horse-drawn "chariot" that rotated to a bare axle with wheels, where the scythes were lowered into combat position. only at the very last moment, which made it easier to maneuver before the battle. As it arises, this seems reasonable enough considering sections 12-14 of the anonymous Roman treatise on military tactics, De rebus bellicis.

The figurine "Roman chariot" will be an excellent decoration for the interior of your home or office. The figurine is made in the form of a Roman chariot with two harnessed horses and a Roman soldier driving the chariot.

You can put the figurine in any place where it will look good and please the eye. It can also be an original gift to your loved ones or colleagues.

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