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SKU J-230027

Non-Stick Round Ceramic Coating Casserole Baking Dish (32.1 fl oz) for Oven

$29.99 $29.00

Non-Stick Round Ceramic Coating Casserole Baking Dish (32.1 fl oz) for Oven

$29.99 $29.00
Product specification details
SKU J-230027
Capacity 32.1 fl oz (0.95 L)
Fill / Material Borosilicate glass with ceramic coating
Set Contains Glass dish, lid
Dimensions 7.6 х 2.8" (17.1 х 6.6 cm)
Additional Information It is safe to use in dishwashers (without lid), refrigerators, microwaves, and ovens (without lid) up 445°F (230°C)
Care & Use Not dishwasher safe

Borosilicate glass baking dish with non-toxic&non-stick ceramic coating and lid - ideal for those who care about their health and the health of their family. Due to its durability and the absence of toxic substances, you can not only cook in the casserole dishes for oven, but also store the ready dish in the refrigerator or freezer. In addition, the shape is ideal for table serving - it's so easy and convenient to warm up a leftovers and then serve them directly on the table!

1.Versatile use: Can be used in oven and microwave (without pan lid), freezer, providing a variety of food preparation and storage options. Oven to Table Baking Dish with Ceramic Handles - must have for each kitchen!

2.Environmental safety: Glass forms are safe for health and the environment, do not emit harmful substances when heated and do not enter into chemical reactions with products. Does not contain harmful additives - free of PFTE (like Teflon ®), BPA, BPS

3.Strength and durability: The shape is scratch-resistant, retains its appearance for a long time and does not absorb odors.

4.Easy to care and store: The ceramic coating makes the mold easy to clean and also prevents food from sticking. The forms are stackable.

5.Multi-function: Suitable for cooking, storing and serving food.

6.Variety of shapes: You can choose a convenient container shape just for you - rectangular, round or square!

This baking dish can be used for a variety of purposes: baking lasagna, brownies, and other desserts or as  food storage container for leftovers or meal prep.