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SKU B-53235

Russian Tsars: The Rurikids & The Romanovs

Product specification details
SKU B-53235
Place of Publication St. Petersburg
Publisher P-2
Year of Publication 2010
Number of Pages 176
Cover Hardcover
Language English
ISBN 5-93893-303-X
This beautifully illustrated book features boxed summaries of personal data for each tsar and tsarina, a historical survey of their reigns, a variety of illustrations, and relevant maps. The first chapter is dedicated to the birth of statehood in Russia. The second is an account of the history of the Rurikid princes, the first Russian dynasty. The third chapter tells the story of the Time of Troubles, when Russia was on the verge of complete ruin. The final chapter begins with the coronation of Mikhail Romanov and ends with the execution of the last Russian autocrat, Nicholas II, and his family. In English.