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SKU J-110490

Chrysanthemum Salad Bowl

$18.99 $15.00
Product specification details
SKU J-110490
Made by Promysly Verbilok, LLC.
Material porcelain
Capacity 40.5 fl oz (1.2 L)
Beautiful and functional, this elegant bowl is decorated with chrysanthemum design, which represents richness, honors, health, and well-being will adorn your table. Francis Gardner was an English merchant, who founded a porcelain production plant in the village of Verbiltsy (now Verbilki) in 1766. Gardner's porcelain plant became very successful, largely due to Johann Miller, who worked at the plant and was familiar with the new porcelain formula, developed by D. Vinogradov and implemented in Gardner's products. Between 1778-1783, Gardner's plant produced four tableware sets for Catherine the Great!