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SKU U-225827

ROKR Scout Beetle Model DIY 3D Puzzle

Product specification details
SKU U-225827
Made by N/A
Recommended age Ages 14 & Up
Material metal, plastic
Dimensions Assembled size: 3.9 х 7.7 х 3.7" (10 х 19.5 х 9.5 cm)
Set Contains 147 pieces
Additional Information Assembly time: 3 hours
Difficulty level: 3 / 5

The designer combines steampunk elements with real beetles that exist in nature to create a highly mechanical aesthetic battle mech. The main body of the Beetle is made of ABS polymer structure material with good impact resistance, and the appendages are made of soft PVC material to better protect the model. At the same time, the designer also added a large number of metal components to the beetle's membrane fins and abdomen - this not only enhances the texture of the model, but also achieves such functions as membrane fin vibration, power demonstration, etc.

3D puzzles are a great pastime for people of all ages who want to take their minds off of their day-to-day lives for a bit. For adults, 3D puzzles can help relax their mood and entertain their leisure time, for children – cultivate their thinking and practical abilities. You can enjoy the happiness of assembly with your family, give it to your friends as a unique gift, or even add more beauty to your room as an ornament. Build a complete collection!

The kit is non-toxic and completely safe, as it is made of high-quality materials.

Why 3D Wooden Puzzles Are Good for Your Child's Development and Help Boost Brain Activity:

  1. Teaches the Importance of Goal Setting
  2. Improves Hand and Eye Coordination
  3. Fine Tunes Motor Skills
  4. Promotes Cooperative Play
  5. Enhances Skills for Learning
  6. Provides the Satisfaction of Achieving Goals
  7. Promote A Positive Change in Brain Chemistry
  8. Train Both Sides of The Brain at Once
  9. Improve Skills Like Spatial Orientation & Short-Term Memory
  10. Great Tools For Boosting Concentration
  11. Slow Cognitive Degeneration for Better Brain Activity