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SKU S-165852

Self-walking Winnie-the-Pooh Toy

Product specification details
SKU S-165852
Fill / Material Molded plastic
Width 3.1'' (8 cm)
Height 4.9'' (12.5 cm)
Additional Information Handmade and hand-painted

This cute bear can easily walk when placed on any smooth surface having a slight inclination and given a sideways push. After you push the bear gently on the side it will start swinging from left to the right and then walking towards the end of the surface. Due to the unique know-how our bear can walk both ways forward and backward depending on how you place it on the surface. 
The bear doesn’t need any batteries or winding up since only the natural force of gravity is used to make it walk. Once the bear starts wobbling, it can pick up the momentum and starts moving as long as your surface is not perfectly even. You need the angle of about 2-5 degrees, no more.
This bear is the exact copy of Russian Winnie-the-Pooh from classical cartoon of the 70-s, beloved by millions of people in the former Soviet Union and today’s Russia.