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SKU S-165853

Self-walking Soldier Toy

Product specification details
SKU S-165853
Fill / Material Molded plastic
Width 4" (10.2 cm)
Height 6'' (15.2 cm)
Additional Information Handmade and hand-painted

Ths amazing walking soldier can easily walk when placed on any smooth surface that has a slight inclination (2-3 degrees is enough). To make him walk you need to push him slightly on the side to make him wobble. As soon as the soldier begins the wobbling motion, he will walk downhill toward the end of the surface driven by pure gravity. There's no need to use any batteries or winding up since this toy utilizes the natural force of gravity.

This soldier features authentic uniform of the very first Red Army that was formed in the wake of Russian Revolution in February 1918 when the Russian Civil War broke out between the reds and the whites under the order of Lenin with Trotsky to become the first commander of the Red Army. His head is topped with the most famous hat called Budennovka, named after Budenny, prominent Civil War commander. He carries the original Mosin rifle of World War I.

The designer of this toy spent more than half year working in archives to make this soldier look as authentic as possible. This toy is a perfect gift for any toy collector or history enthusiast.

The toy is made of molded plastic and hand painted using only led free good quality paints safe for children.