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SKU J-218251

White Pearl Dinnerware Set of 58 for 12 pers.

$799.99 $450.00

White Pearl Dinnerware Set of 58 for 12 pers.

$799.99 $450.00
Product specification details
SKU J-218251
Made in Turkey
Made by Karaca
Fill / Material bone china with the addition of natural pearls, platinum plated
Set Contains 12 Dinner Plates, 12 Dinner Bowls, 12 Dessert Plates, 12 Bowls, 3 Oval Serving Plates, 1 Oval Dish, 2 Salt Shakers, 2 Pepper Shakers, 2 Toothpick Holders
Dimensions Dinner Plate - 11" (28 cm)
Dinner Bowl - 9.1" (23 cm)
Dessert Plate - 9.1" (23 cm)
Bowl - 6.3" (16 cm)
Oval Serving Plate - 10.24" (26 cm)
Oval Dish - 12.83" (32.6 cm)
Picture / color White
Care & Use Not dishwasher safe, Not microwave safe

The White Pearl Dinnerware Set made of high-grade bone china with the addition of natural pearls and platinum plated patterns perfectly matches its name. The milky white surface with the application of the thinnest, barely noticeable flower pattern, resembles the sparkling of a mother-of-pearl.

Глянцевая молочно-белая поверхность, на которую нанесен нежнейший, едва заметный рисунок, и платиновые обрамления предметов, – все это напоминает перламутровый жемчужный перелив.

The set consists of 58 pieces and is designed for 12 people. Each piece of dinnerware has a simple and classic shape. This dinnerware is elegantly designed to be durable enough for everyday use and beautiful enough for that special occasion.

Features of bone china with the addition of pearls:

High quality – The product is made of high-grade bone china with the addition of natural pearls.

Beautiful Design and Uniqueness – The dazzling whiteness of bone china, the finest airy material, the rich luster of the glaze, and the delicate patterns give bone china a majestic appearance. The addition of pearls makes the surface of the porcelain less porous and gives it an exquisite shine. In addition, the golden patterns give the dinnerware a unique look.

Durability – Bone china with pearls is one of the most durable materials in ceramics. Thanks to the stain and water repellent properties, it is very easy to care for such dinnerware. Also, the dinnerware made of bone china with the addition of natural pearls is 25% more durable than those made from ordinary porcelain.

The history of using natural pearls in porcelain production  KARACA is the first company in the world to successfully use natural pearls in porcelain production. After a thorough check of the production processes, the use of genuine pearls was officially confirmed by independent international experts from TUV Rheinland. Pearls from the Persian Gulf region are added to the raw material for the production of porcelain.