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SKU J-167316

Strawberry Enamel Basin

Product specification details
SKU J-167316
Material enameled steel
Capacity 7.4-qt. (7 л)
Diameter 15.08' (38.3 cm)
Length 15.08' (38.3 cm)
Width 15.08' (38.3 cm)
Height 4.72' (12 cm)
Collection Strawberry Fields Forever
UPC 4690460039557

An enameled basin has by now become a part of Soviet-era folklore! This basin is not just extremely useful, as it is perfect for, say, making jam, among other things, but it is also a monument to the bygone era. Finally, enameled cookware is safe to use, while looking absolutely amazing.

Quick Overview

  • The Cookware has a quality of European manufacturers 
  • Raw materials of European manufacturers are used for production
  • The Cookware is durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  •  Conforms to generally accepted sanitary standards
  • The double layer of enamel is chip-resistant and rust-resistant