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SKU B-183586

Super Squishies, Slime, and Putty: Over 35 Safe, Borax-Free Recipes (Ages 7 to 10, Grades 2 to 5)

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Product specification details
SKU B-183586
Place of Publication China
Publisher BARRON'S
Year of Publication 2018
Number of Pages 112
Illustrations Color
Cover Paperback
Format Medium
Language English
ISBN 9781438012537
Dimensions 6.7x8.8" (170 x 224 mm)
Get ready... you're about to discover the cutest squishies, slimes, and putties on the planet! In the pages of this book, you'll find 36 amazing projects that your kids will love making. Who needs a plain old fashioned craft project when you can create a narwal, panda, poop emoji, skull, cactus, or cake? Find a plethora of squee-gee worthy crafts to make, including: Instructions for making your own squishies: the hottest trend for kids under 12The latest breaking trends for slime making and playing with it in cool waysNext-level slime recipes and putty recipes, including a slime unicorn frappe, slime eggs on toast, fidget spinner putty, and farting putty (a kid crowd-pleaser)Popular projects kids love, including fluffy slime, clear slime, magnetic slime, spider web slime, and glow in the dark slimeCarefully designed projects are safe for children to make with adult supervisionIngredients that are all easy to find, and moreThis is the perfect craft book for big kids who love getting their hands dirty--in a good way! It's guaranteed fun for kids and parents.