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SKU J-201288

Nadezhda Tureen

Product specification details
SKU J-201288
Capacity 101.4 fl oz (3 л)
Made by Dobrush Porcelain Factory
Material porcelain
Care & Use Dishwasher safe
, Microwave safe

The tureen, tableware for serving soup or broth during a meal, first appeared in France between the 17th and 18th centuries. Aristocrats used it for their food rituals. The tureen is a beautiful capacious container with a lid that has an oval shape and handles. The tureen is universal – you can beautifully serve your dish in it, store the cooked soup in the refrigerator so that the walls of the pan do not oxidize, and, of course, you can cook cold soups in it. In the tureens, the first course is infused and does not cool down. Serving the soup in the tureen will turn a family dinner into a special status meal, and the soup will look more delicious in this beautiful dish!

The produce of the Dobrush Porcelain Factory stands out due to the following:

- Eco-friendly and safe materials used by the artisans
- Great combination of price and quality
- Alluring design and diversity of products
- Constantly updated assortment

  • SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Tableware made of high-quality porcelain is safe for kids and adults because it is Non-Toxic and 100% BPA Free.
  • PRACTICAL: Absolutely smooth surface that prevents bacteria and foreign odor penetration into the dishes.

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