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SKU S-147006

Swan-Geese Nesting Doll (5 pc.)


Swan-Geese Nesting Doll (5 pc.)

Product specification details
SKU S-147006
Material acrylic paints, wood
Height 7''(18 cm)
Picture / color Hand-painted
Additional Information Handmade

The well-known Russian fairy tale The Magic Swan Geese was the main theme for this series of nesting dolls. The wonderful Russian souvenir is even more fascinating thanks to the beloved characters of the tale: the sister with her younger brother, geese, swans, and the magical apple tree. The admirable work of the painter will be adored by children and adults alike, like a gateway that opens into a mysterious world of folklore and magic.

Every single Russian matryoshka nesting doll is guaranteed to be unique since every nesting doll is hand carved out of the finest linden wood and hand painted with opaque gouache and acrylic colors. Given the degree of care that each nesting doll is made with, no two pieces can be alike.

  • FOR THE KIDS: The Matryoshka doll will help little ones develop their fine motor skills and coordination, and will nurture the understanding of size, colors and stacking. Helps to develop motor skills in child. This toy contains small parts, which may be harmful to children under three.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL - All of our Matryoshka nesting dolls are handmade with only the finest linden wood, specifically used for wood carving.
  • UNIQUE - Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls are meticulously hand painted with opaque gouache and acrylic colors, ensuring that each nesting doll is more unique than the last.
  • CULTURALLY RICH - The Matryoshka nesting doll found its fame as a prevalent character of 20th century Russian culture and design.
  • DECORATIVE - The Matryoshka nesting doll would be a great addition to any home because of its wonderfully bright and rich colors, unique designs, and immense cultural character, and now they are generously presented in a huge variety of product range for the US consumer.

• Includes: Five (5) Nesting Dolls
• Material: Wood
• Capacity and Dimensions: 7" Height
• Finish: matt