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SKU J-116576

Tête-a-Tête Turkish Coffee Set of 2 Handmade Cezves, 1 Hearth, 1 Sand Trowel & 1 Coffee Spoon

Product specification details
SKU J-116576
Made by OOO Stanitsa
Material brass, copper, wood
Set Contains 2 cezves, 1 hearth with sand, 1 sand trowel, 1 coffee spoon
Capacity Cezve - 6 fl oz (180 ml)
Collection Oriental Fairy Tales
Care & Use Hand-wash, Not microwave safe

The Tête-a-Tête coffee set includes everything you need to make truly authentic Turkish coffee: 2 copper cezves, 1 hearth with sand, 1 grass sand trowel and 1 grass coffee spoon. Turkish coffee made on hot sand is a traditional brewing method used for centuries in the Middle East. This method provides a balanced heat distribution, which makes coffee more aromatic and strong.

The coffee pot is made of high quality solid copper and brass, which are non-toxic materials with high thermal conductivity. An internal coating made of food-grade tin protects copper from oxidation.

The long handles of the cezves made from wood protect hands from burns. 

Each cezve is cone-shaped with a flat wide bottom and a narrow neck. A wide bottom allows you to warm up the drink quickly and evenly. The narrow neck helps to create a layer of thick dense foam, which blocks the gas exchange processes, locking in the evaporation of the aromatic oils.


How to make coffee on hot sand:

1.Put some sand into the hearth using a sand trovel from the set.

2. Add water, coffee, sugar or spices to your taste, and stir the mixture with a coffee spoon.

3. Heat the sand and place the cezve in it up to the neck. The sand creates an even heat, and the coffee foams to the top almost immediately.

4. Remove the cezve. After it is cooled down a little, place the sezve to the sand 2-3 times more, until the drink becomes thick and foamy.