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SKU B-192225

The Big Snow and Other Stories: A Treasury of Caldecott Award-Winning Tales

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SKU B-192225
Author Hader Berta and Elmer
Place of Publication New York, United States
Publisher Dover Publications Inc.
Year of Publication 2015
Number of Pages 160
Illustrations Yes
Cover Paperback
Format Large
Language English
ISBN 9780486781631
Dimensions 8.2x11" (210 x 279 мм)
"These stories, despite the seventy plus years since their inception, have stood the test of time and, with the lush illustrations, should still appeal to both parent and child. A treasure to keep on the shelf for kids and grandkids." -- Buffalo Public Schools This compilation of Caldecott winners unites three wonderful children's picture books, written and illustrated by a gifted husband-and-wife duo. The stories combine imaginative color drawings with enchanting storytelling, and all three focus on wildlife ecology, depicting memorable scenes from the natural world. The Big Snow takes place when the geese are headed south and the forest creatures put on their winter coats. When a blanket of snow covers the hills and valleys, the birds, squirrels, mice, and other animals gratefully gather the seeds, nuts, and other foods that the little old man and woman spread for them. Cock-a-Doodle-Doo traces a little chick's journey from a duck farm to the big red barn, where the rooster's cry draws him across the wide meadow and its many dangers, from crows and raccoons to a marauding fox. The Mighty Hunter is actually Little Brave Heart, who's reluctant to go to school ― until he encounters a prairie dog, wildcat, buffalo, and other animals that change his mind about the value of reading and writing. "A wonderful collection of Caldecott Award-winning tales, perfect for a young reader who loves stories about animals. The illustrations are charming and bring the stories to life." -- Southeast Community College