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SKU B-193290


Product specification details
SKU B-193290
Author Robinson R.
Place of Publication New York, United States
Publisher Sterling Publishing Co Inc
Year of Publication 2019
Number of Pages 34
Illustrations Yes
Cover Hardcover
Format Large
Language English
ISBN 9781454921226
Dimensions 8.5x9.3" (216 x 235 mm)
This is the definitive book on understanding and appreciating the world of whiskey. Renowned whiskey educator, Robin Robinson, demystifies the "water of life" in a definitive, heavily illustrated tome designed to take readers on a global tour of the ever-expanding world of whiskey. Across ten robust "classes" ,Robinson explains whiskey history, how it defined the way whiskey is made in different countries and regions, the myriad styles, how ageing and finishing works and the basics of "nosing" and tasting whiskey. In chapters dedicated to American whiskey (including bourbon, Tennessee whiskey and rye), American Craft whiskey, Scotch, Irish, Canadian, Japanese and world whiskies, Robinson presents the best offerings from new and historic producers, how to choose among them and how to build a collection of your own. Each "class" is a journey into a country's whiskies and makers, including recommended bottles and styles, as well as insider information on how distilleries make their unique offerings. Each chapter includes themed tastings organised by bargain, value, special occasion and splurge price categories. This thoroughly up-to-date and wide-ranging guide also offers helpful recommendations on how to lead your own tasting, a glossary of terms, food pairings and tips on everything from glassware to whiskey festivals and how to read a label.