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SKU S-105746

The Hunters at Rest by V. G. Perov Lacquer Box

Product specification details
SKU S-105746
Material lacquer, linseed oil, tempera, wood
Dimensions 5.5 x 3.9'' (14 x 10 cm)
Picture / color print
Additional Information Comes in a beautiful gift box.
Vladimir Grigorievich Perov (born December 21, 1833 and died May 29, 1882) was a very famous Russian painter of the XIX century. He was born in the village of Kuzminki, which has by now been incorporated as a part of Moscow. Perov was one of the founders of Association of Traveling Art Expositions. Perov was born an illegitimate son of Baron Grigory Kridener and even though, his parents did get married soon after he was born, he did not have the right to inherit his father's last name and title.