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SKU S-104434

The Scarlet Flower (a.k.a. Beauty and the Beast) Lacquer Box

Product specification details
SKU S-104434
Made by Russian Lacquer Miniature
Material lacquer, linseed oil, tempera, wood
Dimensions 7x3.4'' (17x8.5 cm)
Picture / color print
Additional Information Comes in a beautiful gift box.
"The Scarlet Flower" was written down by a famous Russian writer Sergey Aksakov (1791-1859). He learned the story from a house steward Pelageya, who was a master at telling stories and fairy-tales...The plot of "The Scarlet Flower" is timeless and follows that of tales, told in other European cultures. It is about the all-conquering power of love that overcomes every obstacle that gets in its way, no matter how great or small! Comes in a beautiful gift box.