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SKU G-161338

Roly Poly Toy (Nevalyashka)

$10.99 $9.00
Product specification details
SKU G-161338
Recommended age Ages 1 & Up
Material plastic
Dimensions 4.5'' (11.5 cm)

The cute roly-poly girl in a red dress with expressive eyes and chubby cheeks.

  • The roly-poly guarantees baby’s delight, as they make this toy waddle, spin, rock, and roll. An excellent gift for toddlers 12 months +
  • The product is made from the highest quality materials and is completely non-toxic. PVC material is used in the production of the roly-polies, which is resistant to chemicals; the material is harmless for human use. Round with no edges and corners. This toy is completely safe for children to play with. A long-lasting toy your child will love for years to come
  • Helps develop sensory and curiosity skills, auditory cause and effect, visual-tactual perception for your little one. Builds fine and gross motor skills. Roly-poly toy for baby, that teaches your child about balance and evokes curiosity as it provides hours of entertainment. Following the movement of a wobbly toys that rocks on a base helps baby build focus and enables both eyes to work together
  • The musical toy with a built-in bell makes a soothing tinkling sound as it waddles along cutely, which helps to pacify the baby. The moderate volume is designed to protect sensitive young ears
  • Perfect for kids! Your little one will never get tired of this wobbly friend who bounce back no matter what they do! Push, pull or grasp this cute roly-poly, the rounded, weighted bottoms always delightfully spin them back upright for more play time fun
    Packed in a bright box