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All parents have to face the age-old issue – how to make their child eat properly? Since proper nutrition is extremely important for the healthy growth and development of the young organism. It may not be enough to cook tasty food and make even the most “uninteresting” products, such as vegetables, taste good. It is necessary to entice the child and turn breakfast, lunch and dinner into an exciting entertainment, or a fun meeting with the favorite fairy tale and cartoon characters. With the help of the colorful tableware for children, each meal can become a fun game, for example: pour some soup into a bowl and tell your kid, that the favorite cartoon character is hiding at the bottom of the bowl and only if he or she finishes up the soup, will he/she find the picture. And we can assure you, that you will not even notice how quickly your child will eat the soup, in order to “reach” the character.

Smeshariki, Masha and the Bear, the Fixies, the main characters from the movie Frozen, The three cats, the little owls, rabbits, bears, as well as The Kid and Karlsson, Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena, and magical Princesses – are all here to help you and your child!

We offer various kids’ dinnerware sets, as well as cups, mugs and cutlery, that are created in shapes that will be comfortable for your kids to use. Due to the wide variety of styles and designs, your kid will not only love holding the tableware in his or her hands, but it will also be interesting to eat and drink from such beautiful dishes, plates and cups!

Keep in mind, that children’s dinnerware must be made out of high-quality, safe and durable materials – we can guarantee that you’ll be pleased with our products!