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Wooden baby toys

For as long as humans have been around, and even before our understanding of society, toys have been a vital part of childhood. Children are naturally curious, and will play from anything to a stick they find on the ground to a toy set that was purchased for them at the store. In the time of the ancient Greek and Roman empires, archeologists found that kids were playing with various wood toys such as chariots and horses. Although times have changed, and we now have any type of item imaginable at our instant disposal, wooden toys continue to play a crucial part in a child’s development.

There are many positives to owning wooden baby toys, one of which is their durability. Unlike plastic, wood does not break as easily, and it can last a life time. As a parent, a wooden toy is far less of a headache, since we all know that kids do not like to play gently. Alongside these baby toys being durable, they also have an incredible texture. It is important for children to expand their sensory processes, one of which is touch. Wood, even when sanded down, has an interesting feel to it that plastic just does not have due to them being natural toys. With being natural, they are also eco friendly toys that do not harm the environment when produced.

In particular, wooden toys for kids are easier to stack, which makes them very versatile. There are many games that your child can create with only one set of toys.

Wooden toys Jenga

For example, this wooden toy Jenga game is specifically meant to be played with in different ways. The main purpose of the game is to stack all of the blocks in the shape of a tower, and then take one block out at a time without knocking the entire tower over, and then strategically placing it on top of the stack. This simple game, created with wood, will teach your child many important skills. It can be played in a group, which teaches the importance of teamwork and improves on social communication skills. The most obvious benefit is that Jenga is a simple way to learn how to build something, which teaches how space and objects work together. This is all subconsciously learned while playing a fun game.

Wooden blocks for kids

Although Jenga is for all ages, it may seem more complicated for an infant to understand the rules of the game. For younger kids, there are wood blocks for babies that often come with numbers or letters painted on, such as this set. With blocks as these, children are learning the basic functions of arithmetic. It is essential for kids to learn the foundation of mathematics from an early age, as this subject only gets more complex the more you study it. Knowing how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide will provide any child with a simple understanding of how numbers work. With wooden baby blocks, this is an easy task and can truly be a fun activity. The bright numbers can also teach a child about color, alongside numbers, which can help them further explore their natural creativity.

Wooden toys for toddlers enforce the concept of playing and creating a game all on their own. Unlike most plastic toys, wood will not make noises for you or wind up and move. With wood, a child will have to use their imagination, which is something that is not encouraged enough. It is easy for a child to sit and watch a video on the TV, but it takes brain power to make up a game and actively participate in it.

Wooden toy for children
Wooden toy for kids
Wooden flute toy for children

A wood toy can come in many different shapes and styles, one of which is musical instruments. Many adult instruments, such as acoustic guitars, have wooden parts because of the beautiful noises that they can produce. For kid’s toys, it is not any different. With a vibrant wooden guitar, there is no limit to any kid’s musical expression. It is always good to explore where a child can have a hidden talent, and music is no exception. You could even start a children’s band, with a wood guitar, flute, and xylophone. The sounds that these instruments make are unique and together, they can create any music that you wish.

Wooden toy matryoshka
Wooden toy for kids
Wooden flute toy for children

From wood toy planes to wood toy trucks to wooden kitchen sets for toddlers, there are plentiful children’s wooden toys available to you. There is a wood toy for every child, depending on their particular interests. Something that every child is bound to love is our traditional nesting dolls. This comes with a set of three dolls, each varying in size. The purpose of these dolls is to fit one into the other, until you only have one large doll left. The skills that are acquired when playing with these wooden toys are exponential. From this, a child improves on their counting skills, as well as develops their fine motor skills. They can come in various styles, such as our traditional set, or they can be bought in more intricate versions. If your child loves Winnie the Pooh, or Dora the Explorer, they are bound to love the nesting set which includes their favorite characters. This can become an interactive game and an opportunity for them to get familiar with important skill sets.

Adding wooden toys to your collection of games already at home will truly add a lot of variety. After purchasing one of these wood toys, you will surely be coming back for more, as you will first hand see their positive effects on your child. These toys have been put through the test of time, from their origin in the ancient civilizations. They will last you for many years, and will provide joy to all those that engage with them. You may even find yourself unable to resist playing along with your child and participating in the fun games that they create. These innovative and educational wooden toys will easily become a staple in your household, for many years onward.