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SKU S-28504

Tsar Ivan Collectible Doll

Product specification details
SKU S-28504
Made by Poteshny Promysel (handmade)
Material fabric, porcelain
Height 11'' (27 cm)
Additional Information A hand-painted doll on a porcelain base with a traditional outfit. A collectible work of art.

Russian traditional royal costume is a real incredible masterpiece. The costume of the Tsar Ivan Collectible Doll, made in accordance with the canons of old Russian fashion, strikes imagination with amazing accuracy and beauty of the details, as well as with perfectly matched colors and materials. The Tsar is dressed in a fabulous ceremonial robe with gold trimming from the 16th century and the symbol-crown of the pre-imperial rulers of Russia - Monomakh's Cap, decorated with sable fell. The face, hands and bottom of the doll are made of porcelain and hand painted.

Unique and eye-catching Tsar Ivan doll makes a great gift for a friend or colleague, and especially for lovers of history and Russian culture.