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SKU S-111126

Tsarevich Collectible Doll

Product specification details
SKU S-111126
Material cardboard, fabric, porcelain
Height 10'' (26 cm)
Ivan Tsarevich (literally John the Prince) is one of the main heroes of Russian folklore, usually a protagonist, often engaged in a struggle with Koschei. Along with Ivan the Fool, Ivan Tsarevich is a placeholder name rather than a certain character. He is often, but not always, the youngest son of three. In the tale "The Three Kingdoms", he is a son of Nastasya the Golden Braid. Different legends describe Ivan as having various wives, including Yelena the Beautiful, Vasilisa the Wise and Marya Morevna. Ivan is sometimes depicted with magic abilities and has the Sword Kladenets.