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SKU S-110605

Tsarina Anastasia Collectible Doll

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Product specification details
SKU S-110605
Material cardboard, fabric, porcelain
Height 10'' (26 cm)
Additional Information Handmade and hand-painted.
Limited edition.
Packaging gift box
Color may vary Shades and hues you see on the monitor may vary depending on your settings.

Anastasia Romanovna Zakharyina-Yurieva (1530 – August 7, 1560) was the first wife of the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible and the first Russian tsaritsa. She was the daughter of Boyar Roman Yurievich Zakharyin-Yuriev, Okolnichi, who died on 16 February 1543. He gave his name to the Romanov Dynasty of the Russian monarchs. Anastasia was selected as the best bride for Ivan from a large number of suitable mates, brought to the Kremlin specifically for the selection process. All the noble families throughout Russia were given an invitation to present their eligible daughters for this purpose (it is said that there were between 500 and 1500 girls to choose from). Anastasia and Ivan's marriage took place on 3 February 1547 at the Cathedral of the Annunciation. She gave birth to a total of six children (Anna, Maria, Dmitri, Ivan, Eudoxia, and Feodor).

It is widely believed that Anastasia had a moderating influence on Ivan's volatile character. In the summer of 1560, she fell ill to a lingering illness. In consequence to these events, Ivan suffered a severe emotional collapse suspecting that his wife had been a victim of malicious actions and had been poisoned by the Boyars. Although he had no evidence of such crimes, he had a number of them tortured and executed.

The doll is made of high-quality porcelain. The luxurious doll costumes are crafted by Russian artists and folk craftsmen with great attention to each detail and ethnographic authenticity. The high-quality execution of the dolls meets the modern aesthetic requirements.

Collectible handmade porcelain dolls can become wonderful Russian souvenirs, interior decoration pieces, and parts of magnificent art collections.

A collectible porcelain doll is a wonderful memorable gift that will bring joy and admiration not only to children but also to adult collectors.