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SKU J-226570

Crystal Flower Vase

Product specification details
SKU J-226570
Material crystal
Diameter 4.57" (11.6 cm)
Height 9" (22.7 cm)
Care & Use Hand-wash

The Crystal Flower Vase is produced according to the highest standards of traditional crystal craftsmanship. There is a unique play of light in crystal facets of crystal vases. Any flower arrangement in such vases will look amazing.

Crystal advantages:

  • High Quality – Guaranteed high-quality cut glass. It is durable and chipping-resistant. Easy to clean.

  • Elegant Design – This is one of the most beautiful crystals on our planet. Nowadays, crystal is very popular and never goes out of fashion. Elegant simple modern design for easy coordination with existing tableware, table linen, and surrounding décor, making it a versatile household item.

The beauty and unique properties of crystal have been appreciated from the old times. Today crystal is a sign of aristocracy, an eternal classic of grace and beauty. Crystal items are the main attribute of any celebration, the main favorites of romantic evenings, a symbol of prosperity and well-being.

Crystal is one of the most powerful stones on Earth with its magical and healing properties.

A crystal product is a wonderful and elegant gift for any occasion! In addition, you can collect a beautiful collection of crystal glasses, decanters, and other crystal products.