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SKU F-225769

You Are Plane Awesome

$17.99 $13.00
Product specification details
SKU F-225769
Publisher Lovepop
Year of Publication 2023
Number of Pages 1
Dimensions 5x 7 inches
Language English
On the cover of this bright red greeting card, an adorable vintage blue plane forges a path through the sky, flying through the words 'You Are PLANE Awesome' in charming white and blue script. Inside, a detailed paper sculpture of a red and blue plane pops out. Flying in the light blue sky, the plane's trail of white smoke forms the letters 'XOXO.' The background features red hearts and other vintage planes with heart-shaped contrails. The 'You Are Plane Awesome' pop-up card is a perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, and many other special occasions. It could also be a wonderful token of appreciation and care for a loved one 'just because.' Considering the theme of air travel, this unique 3D card may be especially fitting for someone embarking on a journey. The adorable plane is a thoughtful representation of good wishes, motivation, hope, and direction for an exciting adventure ahead.

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