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SKU G-160258

Zoo Magic Marker

Product specification details
SKU G-160258
Made in Ukraine
Recommended age Ages 3 & Up
Material cardboard
Wonders in the cardboard box.. the game offers interesting tasks, which can be fulfilled many times! Learn the figures with the zoo animals. Marker “Write-and-clean” will help the child learn to write the figures. You will find the figures, depicted inside with the help of dashed lines on the cards, and animals nearby. Let the child count the animals, how many of them are there? Particularly this number is defined by the figure. Put all figures in line. Let the child put two fingers on the cards and go along that path of figures, counting from 1 to 10. On the outside of each card you will find various tasks for the development of logic, perceiving the color, attention, the skills to compare and correlate. Read the recommendations from the teacher and interesting variants of the game in the instruction.