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SKU S-52119

Colombina Clown Collectible Doll

Product specification details
SKU S-52119
Material beads, fabric, porcelain
Height 6'' (15 cm)
Additional Information Уникальная авторская работа.
Клоуны изготовлены ограниченным тиражом.
В элементы декора костюма могут быть добавлены другие цвета.

COMMEDIA DEL ARTE (Italian Commedia dell'Arte, from Commedia – "comedy, theater" and l'Arte – "craft, skill, profession"; see "art") is a traditional Italian street theater also called the comedy of masks. It was born in the 10th century in Venice, the city of processions and carnivals. Colombina was a kind of clowns called soubrette. In traditional comic performances, the subret is distinguished by a lively, perky, and wit character. The meaning of the name Colombina is a little dove. The character of the Italian comedian was embodied using a mask that covered only her eyes. Legend said that one beautiful actress refused to hide her beauty, and she became the founder of a new mask format.

A clown is a common character in the collective consciousness that intrinsically brings fun and joy. That is why craftsmen began to create collectible clowns – decorative accessories that bring fun and bright colors to any home or office. This main hero of theater and circus, beloved by the public all over the world, allows the artist to create the most intricate costumes, expressing any mood its creator chooses!

Clowns are created by professional embroiderers, folk craftsmen and artists of Russia with great attention to each detail.

The handmade collectible limited edition clowns can become wonderful presents, Christmas tree decorations, interior decorations, or parts of magnificent art collections!